Growing Kaipara's value

We provide the support that enables land to be used to its best potential. The Hub acts as a facilitator for food producers and the wider food ecosystem in the district to promote access to information, networking, technology, market access, community development, education and training.

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More than 20 crops have been identified as possible to grow in Kaipara District. Most horticultural crops in Kaipara (with the exception of kumara) are on a small scale and are only a few varieties.

As part of the Kaipara Kai project, Kaipara District Council commissioned research that has identified the opportunity to diversify horticultural production in Kaipara to create more economic value and climate resilience. If you are curious about what new crops you could be growing on your land, or if you are wanting to integrate novel ingredients into your food business, get in touch with us to find out more.

Environment & Technology

Climate Resilience & Water

Kaipara District Council commissioned climate and topographical research specifically for the Kaipara District. This research, completed by NIWA, Plant & Food Research, and Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, highlighted six crops that could provide resilience for our food system in a changing climate. If you have concerns about climate resilience in your food system, we can support you to come up with a plan to be more climate resilient.

As part of the Kaipara KickStart programme, there is a focus on smart water technologies which aims to support food production in the area. You can find out more about the Kaipara Water project on the Kaipara District Council website.


Innovation, digital and technology are common terms in the present day but what do they actually mean for food producers in the Kaipara? We can connect you to software, sensor, data and digital service providers if you are wanting to integrate technology in your growing or food operation.

People & Communities


The identity of the Kaipara community is strongly connected to our food system. Community development initiatives often center around food, for example farmers markets, arts and culture programs and community gardens. If you have a food-based community initiative that you would like to see come to life but don’t know where to start, we can connect you with peers in Kaipara District who have lead previous initiatives or connect you with case studies or models of similar work which is happening in New Zealand and abroad.

Workforce Planning & Skills

We recognise the value of education and skill development in the development of the food production system in Kaipara. We are working alongside agencies across the Northland region and further afield specifically looking to increase skills and experience in areas of food production.

If you are an employer, an employee, self-employed or an entrepreneur, we can connect you with workforce planning and skills development organisations to support you.

Business Support & Growth

Market Access & Consumers

Kaipara’s food production generally fits into three categories – hobby/lifestyle farmer, domestic supply or commodity export (i.e. dairy and sheep & beef). Market pathways for these and emerging food products in the Kaipara are still developing.

If you are a landowner, grower or food manufacturer or retailer seeking to enter a new market we can connect and support with information to do this. A new market could be anything from your local farmers market, developing your own food delivery service or selling wholesale or retail to urban New Zealanders or even exporting globally to a niche or established market.

Support & Funding

Our team at Kaipara Kai Hub act as a facilitator if you are seeking funding or support. Once we understand your needs, we can connect you with industry professionals or experts, informative websites and to relevant funding information.

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