Introducing: The Good Food Collective

The Good Food Collective is a premium online store that specialises in connecting discerning foodies with the very best food and beverage products that small to medium sized New Zealand producers have to offer.

It’s a showcase of the freshest produce, the finest cuts, wholesome and less processed quality products housed within one, easy to use, online shopping platform.

The Good Food Collective is the creation of Dana and Fraser who met in 2011 while working together in the corporate world selling NZ food products globally, which was intense and highly competitive.  Both eventually left the industry and headed in very different directions, having no idea that their paths would re-cross and they’d start an online food and beverage business together a few years later. Now reconnected, they share the common goal of bringing people together with high-quality products made right here in New Zealand.

Fraser’s journey took an interesting turn when he and his partner made the spontaneous decision to purchase a farm in Wellsford on the shores of the Kaipara. With a wish to farm more sustainably, Fraser started to research new opportunities that would give back to the land and help create less processed food. With a preference to purchase online from small producers already, Fraser thought it would be difficult and costly to market a single farm grown product to the wider New Zealand community. This was the lightbulb moment that led to The Good Food Collective.

How is the Good Food Collective different?

Fraser say’s that “The Good Food Collective is all about food & beverage only. You can purchase different products from various producers and the sale is processed in one seamless transaction so it’s really convenient for the customer. Products on the site must be made locally in New Zealand. We’re all about helping local small to medium sized business, so you won’t find products from large producers on the site or imported products”

Launching in December, if you interested in selling on The Good Food Collective website or are passionate about buying great New Zealand products from local producers, find them at or get in touch on