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NORTHLAND F&B CONNECT is a free online business connectivity platform designed to facilitate industry connections and support collaboration and growth for all food and beverage businesses in Northland.

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Pronounced KiteAO (kii-teh-auh), the name was inspired by Te Reo and combinations of words, with two meanings: Ki te AO (to the world) and Kite AO (see the world).

In 2019, Northland Inc hosted community meet ups and heard that people wanted to be able to connect more readily with other people within their specific industry sectors and they wanted to be able to link-up directly so they could continue the dialogue and learn from each other.

The Ecosystem

Find out the top skills, top connectors and top connecting locations right on our eco-system dashboard. It’s also an easy way to see the most recent registrations so you’re always up to date on who’s part of the community.

Join kiteAO Savour

Make it easy for busineses to find you. Once registered you can save contacts, make connections, add news items and share your full range of skills and expertise so everyone knows what you do and how you can help their business.

Connect your network

Connect your business with the businesses you are already working with. A strong network helps other businesses to connect the dots and start making connections of their own.


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