Garden2Go: a local food startup

Garden2Go is a Dargaville based startup who set up and maintain veggie gardens for local people. They grow their own seedlings and have all their own equipment well as providing local expertise to design the right garden for the site. This is a great benefit for people who want a veggie garden but don’t have time to set it up or don’t want to invest a huge cost into their own tools or seedling production.

The Garden2Go team is made up of husband and wife Sharon and Wayne George, and their son Darian. They have recently employed a local woman on a casual basis to support them as they are now busy with Spring planting. 

One of their customers, Tanya Dobbin, who is a Mum of three and dairy farmer in Ruawai, saw Garden2Go advertised on a local Facebook buy and sell group and decided it would benefit their family.

“Our family recently moved up from Taranaki and didn’t know what to grow in this area. We are dairy farmers with three kids so we don’t have a lot of time to set up our own garden.”  

After an initial consultation visit, the Garden2Go team came up with a plan for Tanya’s veggie patch, then on the second visit they had cultivated the soil, planted a variety of seedlings and fertilised the garden beds, all within about three hours. 

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it that quickly myself. All I had to do was put the fence and windbreak up. There is pumpkin, potatoes, salad mix, kale, beetroot, silver beet and spinach. It’s a great variety. I am not going to have to buy many veggies from the supermarket. I only need to water it.” 

Garden2Go is a fantastic example of local entrepreneurship which solves a problem for local people and provides employment opportunities as well as a resilient food source for families. 

Check out their website and book in a consultation with Garden2Go while the Spring conditions are optimal for planting your veggie garden. 

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