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4 June 2020

Increasing food production in Kaipara Webinar

Contact: Kaipara District Council

Watch the webinar here.

Research by Coriolis, commissioned by Kaipara District Council, has identified seven high level avenues for growth in the Kaipara District.

Tim Morris of Coriolis, completed an investigation on how to make best use of fertile Kaipara land. The study is part of the Kaipara Kai project, one of four Kaipara KickStart projects funded by the Provincial Growth Fund to stimulate economic growth in the Kaipara district.

Some of the key research results Tim discusses in the talk include:

  • New crop types, animals, and aquaculture opportunities within the Kaipara District (focusing on those that are suitable for a changing climate)
  • Commercial and financial analysis for local landowners

For info on Kaipara Kai and other Kaipara KickStart projects