1 July 2020

Linnburn Station Regenerative Agriculture Roadshow

Address: Dargaville & Kaiwaka Rugby Club Rooms

Contact: Kaipara Kai Hub

Peter Barrett & Jono Frew (Country Calendar April 2020)

Peter Barrett of Linnburn Station is in the Kaipara talking about Regenerative Agriculture.

Peter will share his experience of ‘Regenerative Farming’ for the last six years on his family’s 9000-hectare station in Central Otago.

Peter will be in the locations below at the following times….To RSVP click on the link below.

Kaipara – Wednesday, 1st July, 2020. 9.00am. Dargaville rugby club (on Murdoch Street). http://dargaville.rsvpify.com

Kaipara – Wednesday, 1st July, 2020. 2.30pm. Kaiwaka Sports Association 2 Gibbons Road, Kaiwaka 0573. http://kaiwaka.rsvpify.com